Saturday, November 28, 2015


I just remembered a lesson I learned when I tried to save a baby bird.

At my (outdoor) workplace about a year ago, a baby bird fell out of a tree, and was lying there in the corner curled up. A tiny, helpless being, not even chirping, barely moving. The guy with the airblower wanted to just blow her away and I begged him to shut off the thing until I get her. I gently scooped her up into an open box and placed her next to me until the workday was over. Then I walked with her to my next job, and from there got a ride to a man who specializes in bird care. The bird was still barely moving. The kind woman who drove me to where the man would meet me, told me to cup my hands over the bird, because my body heat can revive her. I did that, and right then she started flapping her wings for the first time! It was amazing, like a miracle. The simple warmth from my hands around the chick's body practically saved her!
She was so young and so fragile that she died a few days later but I got to see how simply sharing body warmth with a helpless creature can be life-altering.

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