Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Portland III / In memory and in honor, with sorrow and with hope

This post is dedicated to Martz Chick and to all the animal liberation movements.

Only once or twice did I meet Martzik (Itzik Marziano) but I am very sad to hear that he is gone in the unknown abyss of death.

He was a devoted animal liberation activist. He put his heart and soul into saving the less fortunate species of beings.

"In every fight for Justice, there is a battle against the loss of sanity".

People are gathering now at his funeral. Among them are many people from the animal rights community.

This is a sad time for everyone. The world has lost a precious person.

We must not forget that at all times, every moment of every day, hundreds of thousands of animals are being hurt and killed. And we should not forget that or ignore that, nor cease to fight against it, until every cage is empty!

Cows, chickens, pigs, fish, animals in zoos, animals in circuses, dogs and cats in shelters, animals used for their fur, animals used for leather, animals in test labs whose eyes are burnt, whose cells are cancered and whose lives are a painful misery.

May we all and they all be free.

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