Friday, June 26, 2015

Step 1: Planning

Alright, this is my first post about my trip plans.
I'll be landing in New York at the end of August. I plan on spending a week or two there, just hanging out, seeing relatives and friends, and maybe a little bit (or a lot) of nature.
From there I'll fly to Portland, Oregon. I'd like to experience the vegan\hippie community and food there. Meet new people, new cultures, winds of change.
I'll leave Portland and start hiking the PCT, starting somewhere south of Portland down into California, all the way to Yosemite. (With further thought I realize this is too much to hike in 30 days. So I may start around Portland and end somewhere close to the California border.) I want to hike for about a month, with maybe one stop along the way to resupply. Hopefully for the last part of the hike my brother will join me. For the first part I'm hoping to hike with Bob, a 70-year-old hiker from Minnesota. After Yosemite, I'll spend a few days in San Francisco by my brother and his wife. From there down to LA for a few days. Then to Phoenix, Arizona, for about a week and a half, and then to south Florida, till I fly back home in mid December.
So that' the trip in a nutshell.

These are things I need to look into and decide:

#Find cheap or free campgrounds along the PCT
#Buy equipment for the hike (tent, water purifier, vegan hiking shoes, small compact DSLR from B&H in NY, etc.)
#Plan the hike, what the route will be, where I'll resupply, etc. Buy a map!
#Book (cheap) flights (New York -> Portland; Arizona -> Florida)
#Decide where I'll stay and what I'll do in New York
#Find somewhere to sleep in Portland

I'll be on a very VERY tight budget, so I need to find the cheapest possible options for everything.

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